Les Cèdres de Robert Domaine viticole au coeur de la Malepère

The basement

The Massif of The Malepère was formed in the Tertiary, when lifting the Pyrenees.

The materials that make up the basement were deposited in several steps:

  • Early Tertiary, the Paleocene floor Thanetian (- 59 to – 53 Ma) and the Eocene, and floor Sparnacian Ilerdian (- 53 to – 46 Ma), several marine invasions will settle on the region of northern Cabardès south of Limoux, layers of marine sediments: calcareous sandstone (Thanetian), red sandy clays (Epernay), hard limestone, blue marl, sandstone oysters (Ilerdian).
  • At the middle Eocene (- 53 Ma – 37 Ma, floors and Bartonien Lutetian), the uplift of the Pyrenees is accompanied by a significant erosion of its vertices.Continental detrital materials from erosion Pyrenean peaks are accumulated by the rivers between the Pyrenees and the Black Mountain. These are basically pudding and molasses * * (molasses from Carcassonne to the East and molasses Castelnaudary in the West).
  • On the upper Eocene, the high clamping between the Pyrenees and the Black Mountain to the thrust of the Iberian plate, which collided with the South of France, drives the massive uprising of Mouthoumet, training of Corbières and lifting of The Massif of The Malepère.
  • In Quaternary glaciations install several different levels of clayey gravelly terraces.

Over time, a large river system will cut The Massif of The Malepère, dig valleys, eroding and shaping the landscape.

Of pudding and harder sandstone resist erosion, they form mounds, nipples called “Pech” in the massive spread of Malepère


* Pudding: The conglomerate, clastic sedimentary rocks are composed of over 50% pebbles from February to October centimeters in diameter, outwitted by rivers and linked by a more or less cement sandstone limestone.

Molasses: The molasses consist of clays, sands of alluvial origin, associated with very porous sandstone in which interspersed with limestone or marl beds.Pyrenees_Relief

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