Les Cèdres de Robert Domaine viticole au coeur de la Malepère



Blason de Robert II Mauvoisin (1172 – 1217)


Monastère de Prouille

Robert’s name dates back to the 13th century during the epic of Cathar: land once formed the heritage of the city of Fanjeaux of William of  Durfort a Cathar nobleman. Nevertheless in 1211, Guillaume of Durfort is “Faidit” because the inquisition; his property had  confiscated by the Inquisition for the benefit of Robert of Mauvoisin, Baron from northern kingdom and comrade in arms of Simon of Monlfort. In August 5th of 1212, by an act dated by Penne of Agen, Robert yielded to St. Dominic and sisters based in Prouille Monastery  of Fanjeaux, houses, vineyards, woods and censives.

Formerly called Castel of Robert, the estate was taken over in 2013 by Delphine Serres de la Roussière and took the name Robert’s Cedars.

The recovery of the area , the Qualitative selection of grape varieties and the value of private winery vineyard layout dates back to the early 1980s, fit in the continuity this generous and unusual terroir.

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